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Cantine aperte wine event

Cantine Aperte is the most important event to take place in Italy that features its wines, people, and territory. Cantine Aperte takes place annually on the last Sunday of May in wineries that are part of the Wine Tourism Movement. The event attracts the attention of tourists and locals who are interested in what represents the first sign of opening, direct contact, and the possibility to have an interesting cultural experience with a human touch.

The Numbers
From its first edition in 1993 to today, the event related to wine has had constant success and has experienced exponential growth. This success has come from the gradual involvement of the entire national territory. Consequently, producers are becoming aware that, over time, they will see further development in the potenial of their hospitality services, made evident by the surprising figures that were achieved last year: over 800 wineries opened for one million enthusiastic tourists.

The Wine Tourism Movement is operating with the objective of spreading the idea of large wine festivals, like Cantine Aperte, to other European and non-European countries with strong vine-growing and wine-producing traditions also characterized by an important enogastronomic tradition.

This year Cantine Aperte will be on the 27th of May.
The Movimento Turismo del Vino (Wine Tourism Movement) is an association created in 1993 that has encouraged Italian wineries to open their doors to visitors: Italy has now become the country of “Cantine Aperte,” the annual event organanised by MTV on the last Sunday of May. MTV is a non-profit association with the aim of promoting wine tourism and improving the wine areas’ image and prestige, as well as their economic development. MTV wants to stand for protection of the environment and for quality agriculture; promoting a natural life-style that puts the visitor at the centre of attention. Among the almost 900 members of the Association are some of Italy’s most prestigious wineries, selected on the basis of very precise characteristics, first of which are their high quality of visitor hospitality.

I hope to post as soon as possible the list of the places where you can go for tasting wine in Tuscany.

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