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Los Angeles Singer-Songwriter perfoming in Florence!

Don’t let the demure face fool you. When judging Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Jacqueline Becker by her cover, key in instead on that mass of black hair cascading down in an unmanageable frenzy as the best physical allegory of just what this girl’s voice is capable of, because in her case, big hair certainly means big voice. A music degree from Yale and a lifetime of study no doubt form the foundation for her talent, but when Becker sings, it’s easy to forget about the more formal elements of composition in the absolute rush of emotion her music inspires. Perfect pitch, astounding range, and sheer vocal muscle have all combined on what can only be described as an epic scale to lend her voice its uniquely thrilling factor; couple that with her carefully-crafted songs that boast the soul-plucking rhythms of the best kind of jazz, and clever lyrics that impressively succeed at echoing both the spunk and the emotional capacity of their writers, and you’ve got an artist that effortlessly walks the fine line between being a throwback to a better era and someone refreshing and original in her own right. She has the surging power of an Alicia Keyes and the delicate restraint of a Norah Jones, a deft navigation of the balance between might and tenderness.

Acoustic guitar, violin, bass, and various percussion with an incredibly clean and natural voice.
Following the release of her new album, the Los Angeles singer -together with her band from California- will make Florence the base of her Italian tour. Original songs coming from jazz, eclectic pop rhytms and a soul personality with a California flair.
Check her beautiful melodies on her Myspace page!
Jacqueline will be at the Soccer Stadium Franchi (Estate Viola) on July 6th, at Teatro del Sale on July 7th and at the Limonaia di Villa Strozzi on the 13th of July.
See below for all dates and venues of her shows:

* LUGLIO 2010 * JULY 2010 * LUGLIO 2010 * JULY 2010 *
4 Sunday S.Vincenzo, Livorno - Fronte del Porto
[8.00pm & 11.30pm - Piazza del Porto, 2 - rooftop terrace - website]
5 Monday Follonica, Grosseto - Congo Bar
[10.00pm - via Spiaggia di Levante, 17 - beach stage - website]
6 Tuesday Florence - Lady radio showcase & interview
[daytime, broadcasting on Lady Radio and RDF Radio - website]
6 Tuesday Florence - "Franchi" Soccer Stadium / Estate Viola
[10.30pm - Viale M.Fanti / Curva Ferrovia - concert after World Cup semi-final - website]
7 Wednesday Florence - Teatro del Sale
[dinner starting at 7.15pm - Via de' Macci, 111r - acustic show - website]
8 Thursday Rome - Rock City Festival
[opening act Roberto Billi - via Lemonia, Parco degli Acquedotti/CinecittĂ  - website]
9 Friday Rome - Conte Staccio
[12pm - via Monte Testaccio 65b - website]
10 Saturday Riotorto, Livorno - Nano Verde
[6pm - Parco della Sterpaia, Riotorto - beach stage - website]
11 Sunday *album release private party*
12 Monday La spezia - Loggia dei banchi
[7.00pm - via Mazzolani, 32 - website]
13 Tuesday Florence - ControRadio Interview & showcase
[5.40pm broadcasting on Contro Radio - website]
13 Tuesday Florence - Limonaia di Villa Strozzi
[10pm - Villa Strozzi, via Pisana 77 /@ Polimoda - website]
14 Wednesday London - The Troubadour
[8.15pm - 263-265 Old Brompton Rd, London SW5 9JA - website]
15 Thursday London - Icarus Club
[8.15pm - The Station Hotel: 14 Staplehurst Rd, Hither Green, London SE13 5NB - website]

16 Friday London - Cavendish Arms
[8.00pm - 128 Hartington Rd, SW8 2HJ- website]
17 Saturday London - Club333
[8.15pm - 333 Old Street, Shoreditch, UK EC1V 9LE - website]

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