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OIBO' a nice place for a drink

Few steps from the beautiful Piazza Santa Croce, at the corner with via de’ Benci, stands a modern, essential bar where you can taste delicious food and drinks, aperitifs, but also lunches. Even if it is located in one of the most touristic areas of Florence, the bar is full of young florentine too.
The aperitif buffet is open every day from 6,30pm until 9,30pm: perfect before going to Theatre Verdi few meters from OIBO’. You can find, finger food, cous cous, pasta, meat, focacce, salad and other delicatessen. cheap places to eatWhile I was taking some pictures, I was blindingly obvious by a bottle called FI.GA, an allusive play on words of an Italian bad word, that it is only a beverage with a guaranà base.
I tasted and it was good. They explained me they use to do cocktails.
As I said before you can taste also something for a cheap lunch and if you are in the area I highly recommend it. The interior design is nice and well cared.
OIBO’, via de’ Benci 53/red Tel 055 2638611

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