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Giovanni Fattori exhibition in Florence

The Other Face of the Soul: The Works of Giovanni Fattori.
After the exhibition of the two queens today I would like to talk about this new event in Florence. Giovanni Fattori, born in Livorno in 1825, was one of the leaders of a group of Tuscan artists called the Macchiaioli, forerunners of the French Impressionists. Fattori’s early works typically depict scenes of a historical and/or military nature. In later paintings, those associated with the Macchiaioli, his subjects were often landscapes, rural scenes and military life. Mary Stuart at the Camp of Crookstone, Pause in the Maremma with Farmers and Ox-cart, After the Battle of Magenta and Storming of the Madonna della Scoperta are among his most famous works.

"The Other Face of the Soul" will showcase some of the greatest paintings of all times, including La cugina Argia, I fidanzati, Ritratto della prima moglie, Testa di buttero, Il bersagliere, Signore in giardino and the famous Autoritratto del 1894 (above). Traversing a gallery of over 60 beautifully restored paintings, one will be fascinated and intrigued to recognize, to understand and interpret th society of Tuscany in the artist’s age.

The Other Face of the Soul
October 28, 2008 through January 25, 2009
Gallery of Modern Art, Pallazzo Pitti, Piazza Pitti 1, Florence
Open Tuesday through Sunday 8:15 a.m. to 6:50 p.m. Closed Christmas and new Year's Day
Entrance 12 euro, 6 reduced, free for EU citizens under the age of 18 and over the age of 65
Additional cost for advanced purchase, 3 euro
For reservations, contact 055-294883 or visit www.firenze2008.it

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