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From New York to Florence

I've come back from New York.
The trip to NY city was great. I really enjoyed my holiday.
I loved the Brooklyn Bridge, the Chrysler Building, Grand Terminal, the lawns in Central park, the Top of the Rock, the MOMA, and the huge quantities of sushi I have eaten!

what has surprised me in NY?
- the squirrels! so many, everywhere. And they are not scared by humans.
- the Police's parades. Every afternoon lots of police cars driving loudly downtown just to say "we are here!"
- the heart breaking view from the 64th floor of the Rainbow (Rockefeller Top of the Rock) and the delicious Cosmopolitan I had there.
- the gorgeous wedding rings at Tiffany's (I have seen a 197.000 bucks ring!)
- the kindness and smiling welcome of american people in stores, restaurants, front desk offices
- the warm weather in early September (I used to sunbath in Central Park!)
- the easiness of using metro. So simple to understand where to go! Uptown and downtown.
- the never ending line for going up to Empire Statue Building: so frustrating!
- the coffee served with the straw. Never tried to drink hot stuff with one before! But the taste of Caffè Misto at Starbucks was great.
- the long black limousines in front of 5 star hotels. I wonder how can they drive them!

Now I am back in Florence, weather is cold, streets are narrow and I think how wonderful could be to live in NY...


James Martin said...

i'm glad you had a great time in New York! I love squirrels and am excited that you got to see them. Are there any in Florence? It seems that you have pigeons instead! haha

Thank you for the comments on my blog. I will be here for a little less than 3 more months. I would be excited to see some places that the Florentines enjoy!

Are you happy to be back in Firenze or do you wish you could stay in NY longer? Have you always lived in Firenze?

Nelli said...

Hi James! thanks for commenting here.

I think maybe you can find some squirrels at Cascine Park. But it's very hard to find them since they are very shy... and get scared by humans.
(I love them too)
And.. yes we have a lot of pigeons everywhere :(

Let's arrange one evening out, one of these days.

I love to live in Florence (have you seen the name of my italian blog? Io amo Firenze that means I love Firenze!
I know it's a small city but it's the place where I was born and where I have always lived.
obviously I would have loved to stay longer in NY.. maybe for some months :)
I like travelling and trying to understand different ways of living.

ciao :)

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