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September events in Florence

Monday September the first you have two choices for your night out: Piero Pelu’ (ex LITFIBA) in concert in Sesto Fiorentino or a Neapolitan concert by Enzo Carro in P.zza S.Spirito. Both have free entrance.

Wed September 3rd Grand opening at the café DELUXE with aperitif and DJ set by Carlo DJ

Thursday September 4th, The jazz club opens back with a fabulous concert of the Sunrise jazz Orchestra.

Friday, September 5th you can choose between two events:
1) From 6,30 to 7pm you can try yourself fro a free lesson of belly dance by the l’Art del dance for info www.nonsoloflamenco.blogspot.com
2) From 8pm at Villa Vespucci (San Felice a Ema) charity-aperitif for the poorest population of Peru’. Let’s support the activity of the hospital Mama Ashu in Chacas operated by Mato Grosso. For info checca@lycos.com

Sunday, September 7th an evening for children: The Rificolona (Florentine children sing this song as they wander through the streets of Florence the first week of September, carrying papier-mâché lanterns tied to the ends of sticks, called rificolone. There are several theories as to where the tradition originates from; some think it commemorates the triumphant entry of Florentine troops into Siena on August 2 1555, when the soldiers tied lanterns onto the ends of their pikes) with parades along the Arno river and the in the streets of Florence.

Next week: Wednesday September 10th white night in Via Doni: shops open until midnight and shows in the streets

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