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Cheap place to eat in Florence: 4.30 euro for a chicken

It's not easy to find affordable places to eat in Florence: many restaurants are tourist traps!
If you have the patience to walk a little by the San Frediano neighbourhood, one of the most historical and typical quarters in Florence, just besides the ancient "Porta San Frediano" (the ancient gate to access the medieval city) you can find "Sabatino" a family run trattoria where you can have a good lunch for under 15 euros.
The menù is only in italian, but you can ask to some waiters to help you to understand the dishes. There are not many choices: some kind of pasta with tomato sauce ("al sugo") or meat sauce ("al ragù"), roasted ("arrosto") or steamed ("lesso") chicken served with green sauce (made of some vegetables and spices) and some sidedishes. 
But have a look at the price! You won't fine similar prices anywhere in Florence.
You can share your table with someone else if you are alone. 
Try also the dessert.

Trattoria Sabatino dal 1956 
Via Pisana 2r Firenze tel. 055-225955

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