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Piazza Duomo, Florence, is for pedestrians only!

Last Sunday Florence had a very special change in its viability, a sort of revolution: the very central cathedral square, piazza Duomo for the Florentines, has become for pedestrians only. It means that all the buses, tracks, cars, motor scooters are not allowed to enter the area, and obliged to change their routes.

Thanks to the perseverance of its young major, the square has been given back to Florence citizens and tourists.

This revolution took place on October 25th and even if a lot of people had their say about that, many others understood the importance of closing the traffic in Piazza Duomo and enjoy the silence of the square, admiring the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Giotto tower.

This day was welcomed by concerts, historical parades and many events and even though a lot of buses had to change their routes, it's been a good thing for Florence and its citizens.

Come to see Piazza Duomo and enjoy its new magnificence!

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