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The New Meyer paediatric hospital in Florence, a champion of respect for the environment

Last thursday I went to visit the New Meyer, the main paediatric hospital in Florence.

The New Meyer is the first bio climatic hospital in Italy. The whole complex has been planned and constructed with a new concept for the environment, capable of matching together the need to save energy and minimizing the impact of polluting the atmosphere. Both in the recuperation of the antique Villa Ognissanti in Florence, Italy, and the realisation of the new building, hidden in the hills that houses the confinements, eco compatible solutions have been adopted, financed by the European projects Revival and hospitals.

The New Meyer responds to a series of parameters: the reduction of emissions of Carbon Dioxide, protection of summer overheating, ventilation and the best air quality, containment of the use of air conditioning, the best use of natural light. To permit the best use of natural light within the areas of confinement, particular systems have been adopted, such as “Pinocchio’s hats” and “solar tubes”.

Systems that direct sunlight from the sky towards the inside, lighting up every room and every area within, including the day room, the play areas and even the consulting rooms.

Another particularity is the bio climatic photovoltaic “green house” hallway, that acts as an entrance way and a greeting area. A structure built from thin sheets of wood and glass, just like rows of trees. An “inside forest” that matches with the surrounding park. The “green house” hallway uses photovoltaic panels that have the double function of producing electric energy (30.5KW) and to filter natural light.

Thanks to these solutions the New Meyer beats 40% of energy consumption and reduces the emission of carbon dioxide by 35%. Light, sun, greenery at the service of the health of children and adolescents.

And on the roof there is a field!
At the New Meyer, greenery is everywhere, on the terraces and on the roof. A decision that the project managers of CSPE Studio in Florence have made in order to protect the building from heat, ice, rain and ultra violet rays. A carpet of cactus plants (Sedum), that during the summer remove heat from the structure up to a maximum of 4°C. The garden terraces cover a total area of 5,000 square metres. At the New Meyer, the greenery is inside and out. The hospital is surrounded by a 72,000 square metre park, rich in trees and plants originating from the Tuscan region.

The New Meyer is a hospital that for the attention paid to the whole project represents a total innovation in the healthcare sector. There is no area, no small detail that has not been thought of for the children and their families, the most important people of the Paediatric hospital.
It's a hospital for kids, but it's also a place where children can feel comfortable, receiving care, affection and respect, together with medicines and cures. Because children may feel ok also in hospital.

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