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Shopping Antiquities and Modern Malls in Florence

From antique markets to the Italian version of the American mall, there is a variety of shopping available throughout the city of Florence.

The antique market at Piazza Ciompi is a great place to spend the morning exploring and browsing through the history of Florence. Although small in size, it is filled with beautiful jewelry, luggage, clothing, silver products, and much more. Prices in the market range depending on the type of item being purchased, as well as its age and condition. The market is made up of small booths run by vendors each is completely filled with hundreds of things to sort through and discover. The density of the market and the amount that is in such a small place can be slightly overwhelming so be sure to allow yourself a few hours if you want to really explore and take the time to look through everything. If you feel like only spending a short time here, it is still definitely a place to visit since it is filled with unique people and objects and will definitely make you feel connected with Florence, its history, and the Florentine people. If you are looking for anything trendy, clothing, or anything specific, stick to the center of Florence. However, if you would like to find a selection of unique, beautiful, and historic artifacts of Florence, Piazza Ciompi is the perfect place.

The Gigli mall is located about 30 minutes outside Florence and is an American style mall filled with a variety of Italian stores. The mall includes a food court, indoor market, furniture stores with bathroom vanity, and a large selection of stores perfect for clothing shopping. Most of the stores are moderately priced and salespeople were friendly and helpful—which is a nice change from the clothing stores in the center of Florence. The Gigli mall is a great way to spend the afternoon. For students studying in Florence, or visitors on an extended stay, the mall is a great place to do some real shopping. However, for tourists spending a short time in Florence, it can easily be skipped since it is not really a tourist attraction, but simply a place for italians to do their every day shopping.

Piazza Ciompi can be reached by on foot 10 minutes from the Duomo. By taking Via dell’Oriuolo from the Piazza del Duomo which leads into Via Pietrapiana at Piazza Salvemini.

The Gigli mall can be reached by C.A.P. bus from the Stazione Centrale di Santa Maria Novella. The cost of a bus ticket is 1.40 euro and they leave the station every half hour.

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