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Pet shop in Florence

I've just received this email:

I really enjoy your blog, it keeps me up to date with what's going on in Florence..and I share some of your points of view on the city.
An English friend told me about this pet shop in Florence where they speak fluent English and send out a regular newsletter in English too, just like your Blog.
I think people sometimes forget the animals, I've not idea how many people are subscribed to your english newsletter but it might be useful for them to know about them as I was struggling in the city before I found them. Keep up the good work and have a great summer.

Here is the newsletter:

Dearest Friends,
The HILL's special promotion day is makes a welcome return to Zei Cinofilia, Monday 12 May. Clients can expect to find promotions and discounts across the entire Hill's range for dogs and cats. If you can't make it to the shop on the Monday you can call us on 055/2477909 and reserve your Hill's products so you can pickup your order at a more convenient time.
This is a hugely valid offer!

Warmest regards to everyone.
Zei Cinofilia
Via Colletta 30/r
50136 Firenze
tel. e fax +39 055 2477909

Well.. since I do really love cats and dogs I'm glad to give this kind of info.
The picture above was taken on my parents' house. Since our beloved 19-years-old cat Jenny's death last February, seven cats have arrived!!!

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