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The art in the streets of Florence

On Saturday, 10 May, in the San Lorenzo quarter of Florence, Scuola Lorenzo de' Medici will hold its second annual "Art is in the Streets" exhibition in conjunction with its Fashion Department's end-of-semester Fashion Show. This joint event serves as a continuing effort to nurture a deep respect for different cultures and nationalities and to firmly root the idea of the sharing of common areas within the city. Last year, LdM inaugurated this art competition that involved its art and design students, local businesses in the San Lorenzo area of various cultures and traditions, as well as Florentine craftsmen.
This year, LdM will again involve business people willing to display student work, from small pieces to those that utilize the full space available. Furthermore, prizes will be awarded to those students who, through their works of art, bring about beauty, unity and cultural enrichment to the city.
The competition consists of an art contest divided into two categories:
1. Painting, Drawings, Sculpture, Ceramics and Printmaking
2. Interior design, Fashion Design, Jewelry, Photography and Graphic Design

Students participating in Art is in the Streets will assume the position of artistic and social promoters, collaborating with the people who live in the San Lorenzo area in the spreading of a solid sense of common citizenship.
Many events will take place in San Lorenzo from the morning until the evening, when a defilèè in front of San Lorenzo Church will finish the event.

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