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The Florence International Theatre Company

The Florence International Theatre Company intends to create a renaissance of theatrical tradition in Florence which reflects the city's international status. Embracing, celebrating and exploring the differences of world cultures as they come together in a theatrical context, FITC will develop projects and productions which bridge cultures and language while connecting the community it serves. Creating works of art, primarily in English, and sharing this work with the Tuscan community, the Florence International Theatre Company strives to build a significant relationship through artistic productions, educational and outreach programs. The Florence International Theatre Company plans to become a center of inter-cultural exchange and communication - a shining light for Florence - through the art of theatre.
Florence International Theatre Company’s "main stage" productions are performed in English with Italian subtitles.

The Florence International Theatre Company Creative Campus

Creative Campus offers young people who live in and visit Florence the opportunity, structure and support to create cultural projects together, with FITC professionals and community members, and to share their creations with the community at large. Working on theatrical, musical, visual and other artistic projects gives students the opportunity to learn about each other's cultures and develop relationships that make them feel a part of the community. This is especially important for US students who are far from home. With the emphasis on evening time projects, Creative Campus offers a positive night-time alternative to pubs and discos. For more information write info@florencetheatre.com.
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Via Ghibellina, 107, 50122 Firenze, Italy - ++39 - info@florencetheatre.com

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