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Brunch in Florence

I've received this email:

I have read your page on Sunday brunch in Florence. I contacted Rifrullo, in San Niccolò but they are not having their brunch in July. Could you give me information on contacting some of the other places. I have not been able to find information on Finis Terrae or Angel Restaurants. Or could you make another recommendation for a Sunday brunch in July? I thank you for any help.

During the summer many places change their menu. Rifrullo has decided to interrupt the brunch for July and August. I don't know if other places do continue serving brunch on sundays. You can try one of these (if they are open):
- Noir (ex Capocaccia), in Lungarno Corsini, not so far from Ponte Vecchio. 20 euros. Nice club in the center of Florence. Informal, little terrace on the street where you can have brunch if you reserve the table.
- Westin Excelsior (5 star hotel in Borgo Ognissanti) from 12.30 to 3.00 pm, breakfast and lunch (and baby sitting service). 37 euros. Very elegant place.
- Gallery hotel (luxury hotel near PonteVecchio): esotic brunch. Very elegant place.
- Angels, an american brunch for students, with a small buffet and a selection of specialities (bacon, pancakes, omelettes, steak sandwiches) from 10 euros. Veru informal and noisy place. Nice atmosphere.
- Via dell'acqua, american brunch from wednesday to sunday, from 10am to 4am, a selection of american brunch (egg and bacon, hash browns, french toast, hamburger, fries, vanilla coke, muffins, pancakes) but you can find also pasta and salades. Via dell'acqua 2/3, near Santa Croce and Piazza San Firenze. It's part of the famous italian restaurant "Acqua al 2".


Sabino said...

you are kindly requested to communicate that the sunday brunch of the fusion bar (art hotel by ferragamo) is always on up to the end of July
the very best (and only - as long as I know) sushi brunch of the city

Paul said...

I must say, as an ex-pat. living in Florence, discovering the "Via dell'Acqua" Brunch definitely saved me from falling into a homesick depression. Their simple but complete menù has pancakes, omelets, hamburgers, milkshakes and real coffee. Just what a grown man like me needs so as not to think of his mum too often. Keep up the good work "Via dell'Acqua"

Anonymous said...

It was a real breath of fresh air to discover the American brunch of "La via dell'Acqua" for a nostalgic ex-pat like me. The pancakes were amazing and the bacon-cheeseburger was phenomenal!!! Thanks for the suggestion.

Maceo said...

With respect to Via dell'acqua's brunch, the steak (and eggs) was bar none the worst thing anyone has served me anywhere. Just the smell of the thing was sickening. Although some other items were OK, I'd say this is a good place to avoid.

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