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4th of July in Italy

While all american people were celebrating the 4th of July, eating turkey and having fun for the Independence Day, in Italy another event was celebrated: the presentation of the new 500.
The fiat 500 is a very famous car in Italy, it was launched for the first time in 1957, on the 4th of July.
And it was one of the most successful made-in-italy product ever. Millions of this car were sold in every part of the globe. In the years it has become one of the symbol of Italy.

After a intermediate model that was a failure (some years ago), Fiat decided to go back to tradition and started studying a new car, related to the old so much loved model. With Leo Burnett, Fiat realized a marketing campaign very rich and complex. Through the web site they asked to the huge brand community of 500 lovers to tell their stories, to product their contents, to design accessories and elements of the car, to partecipate to several actions and contests.
With a user generated content vision Fiat made the car day by day together with people, talking with them.

Yesterday the new 500 was presented in Torino, in front of vip, the press and special guests.
Today and tomorrow it will be presented in many italian squares: from Florence to Rome, from Bologna to Caserta, from Pisa to Napoli the new 500 will be travelling through Italy.

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