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Music in Florence in the summer

FI.ESTA (FIrenze ESTAte) is the name that italian singer Piero Pelù has invented to promote the summer events taking place in Florence, Italy.

Many occasions for art forms -ranging from Music to Literature, through Cinema, Dance and Theatre - to express their energy in every part of the city, such as Forte Belvedere, Fiesole and the main squares of the historical centre. This summer, opened with a Muse live concert at Piazzale Michelangelo, will go on with national artist like Dario Fo and Roberto Benigni taking part to ground-breaking exhibitions.

For Florence major, this is a new way to open a city with a long heritage of art and history to the future and to different art influences, besides inviting foreigners to participate at the fullest to the social and cultural life of the city.

In the program I see:

- on saturday, the 7th of July at "Ippodromo Le Mulina" near Parco delle Cascine (the big park named Cascine) there will the Evolution Festival: rock e metal concerts. many heavy metals and rock bands will perform in Florence during the Evolution Festival:

Sebastian Bach
Virgin Steele
Fates Warning
Gory Blister
King Crow
Flashback of Anger

- on thursday, the 12th of July, ZIGGY MARLEY (JAM) will play in a live concert.

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