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Apperitivos : an American College Student’s Dream

Apperitivos –An American College Student’s Dream
(thanks to english.firenze.net)

Any American College student understands the desire to want to find the best deal possible. We all know our tendencies to want to stretch the worth of our dollar. Fortunately for those college students studying in Florence, they are in luck. Apperitivos are a great way of enjoying a great glass of wine or trendy cocktail as well as a meal comprised of the complimentary taste treats served alongside.

Apperitivos (aperitivo, in Italian) are generally served anytime between 18:00 and 21:00. To avoid being blatantly obvious that you’re American, I would suggest frequenting an apperitivo bar anytime after 19:00 or 19:30. Depending on the bar you choose, the appetizer type treats will vary. However you are sure to find a great atmosphere as well as a fresh breathe of the Italian culture.

club in florenceColle Bereto, located in Piazza Strozzi just through the arches of Piazza Repubblica, is this season’s trendiest apperitivo bar. For 8 euro you can order a delectable cosmopolitan from one of the friendly staff members in this very fashionable atmosphere. Choosing to sit either inside in the warmly lit bar or outside on the large patio with heat lamps, grab your plate to sample the wide range of taste treats. Enjoy chicken wings, pasta salads, savory tarts, dips, vegetables, or glass noodles.
Slowly is another great apperitivo bar just to the left of Colle Bereto and up the block. Similar to Colle Bereto this is a great place for Americans to go to observe fellow Italians.

drink in florenceTrendy as well, Slowly offers tiny sandwiches, guacamole and tortilla chips, bread and dips, as well as cheese. Another special addition is a crudités brought to your table with savory breads and dips. Be sure to try Italy’s popular beverage, a negroni while there. While there is no outdoor seating, one will be sure to feel comfortable inside Slowly in its gently lit ambiance while listening to trendy songs and chatting amongst friends.

Balduccis is a great place for apperitivos if you’re in the mood for a neighborhood environment. Located on Via Marconi, near number 58, Balduccis takes you away from the center and instead hosts the locals. This is a great place to visit after a long day at work or school, to enjoy apperitivos without having to worry about being trendy enough. It is clear that there is a familiar crowd inside but everyone is completely welcoming to newcomers. Being smaller than Slowly and Colle Bereto be sure to get there early to grab a table, and enjoy the wonderful bar snacks. Delicious mini sandwiches, little pizzas, nuts, breads, pickled vegetables, and chips line the bar table in Balduccis. Grab a glass of wine with some girlfriends for 6 euro or choose to split a bottle between you for around 20-25 euro.

Apperitivos are a great idea for college students because it is not only a great bargain but it also encourages you to get together with friends. Living in a big city, places like Colle Bereto, Slowly, or Balduccis serve as great meeting places. While you may be splitting a bottle of wine between American friends you’ll be drinking it in the company of fellow Italians, a great way of absorbing the culture while satisfying your appetite.

One last recommendation : even if Italians are usually very indulgent and friendly, drinking too much is not considered elegant. And most of all, may get you in trouble! So, have a nice aperitivo but do not exaggerate!

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