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New Year’s Eve at Il Salviatino luxury hotel in Florence

‘L’Epoca Garbata’ on stage on New Year’s Eve at Il Salviatino.
Exclusive atmosphere and theater for a night reminiscent of times gone by.
Concurrent with Italian Christmas – the package conceived on the wake of tradition and refinement and available from December 8th through January 8th to let guests relish a truly traditional Italian Christmas – the ancient Villa nestled in the foothills of Fiesole hosts an extraordinary performance that pays tribute to the period when elegance reigned supreme in Italy.
The Roaring Twenties, ladies wrapped in long evening gowns dancing a wild swing and, for the first time, showing off their sensual legs in a stylish – and sometimes cheeky – way. The noir ambience of the Thirties, when cigarettes were taken out of shiny silver cases and smoked in the dim light.
The cheerful gaze of people dreaming of a brighter future in the Fifties, and wearing the first colorful clothing and prints. That is the essence of “L’Epoca Garbata” (Gracious Years), a performance that underlines the special aspects embodied in the first decades of the 20th century.
Every single detail of the set will give life to an unusual stage where the luxury and special refinement that distinguishes Il Salviatino is woven with theater and music: an homage to the past and, above all, a reinterpretation of the esthetics in vogue of days gone by.
Two theater companies are involved in the project: one is keen on movement, on the search for detail and the study of mimicry; the other has a special talent for conquering space. The performers, sometimes acrobats, sometimes an imperceptible presence in the Villa, will move around a sort of stage-maze.
Il Salviatino becomes a stage and its interiors become the elements of a set. Windows, doors and staircases become frames for animated paintings, and corridors are the location for living installations.
The evening moves the rhythm of jazz, in counterpoint with Sound designers who will accompany guests throughout the performance, caught between real space and the past up to the magnificently spellbinding Italian garden. 

Welcome cocktail in the Library
Little Canapés Oysters with Tonic Water and Oyster Grass 
Thinly sliced Anchovies with Tomato and Onion Gelatin 
Sesame-Flavored Smoked Salmon Balls
Crispy Baby Calamari
Dinner served at the Le Serre Restaurant
Scallops with Jerusalem Artichoke, Asparagus and Red Prawn Cream 
Red Mullet and Hazelnuts with Parsley and Candied Lemon, Anchovy Crumble 
Scampi Bites in Saffron and Herring Egg Broth 
‘Verrigni’ Spaghetti with Green Broccoli, Colonnata Bacon and Lobster 
Black Cod with Steamed Vegetables and Polenta with Cheese 
Artisan Cotechino with Lentils and Potato Purée 
Christmas Cake Pudding with Exotic Fruits and Berries, English Vanilla Sauce
Holiday Pastries

Accompanying champagnes: 
Bruno Paillard Brut 
Bruno Paillard Rosé 
Bruno Paillard Millesimé ‘96
€ 250
with three Champagne tastings included 
Special price for an extra bottle of champagne for toasting: € 80

Il Salviatino

Via del Salviatino 21
Firenze 50137
Tel. +39 055 9041111
Fax +39 055 9041247

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