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Villa Demidoff

Around Florence there are many villas built by Medici Family. Most of them are quite unknown. They are all very beautiful, with great parks and gardens.
For the day of "Ferragosto" (the 15th of august) I've been to Villa Demidoff at Pratolino (Vaglia). It's not far from Florence: just take the "via Bolognese" (the ancient road that brings to Bologna from Florence) and after about 20 minutes by car you get to Pratolino. I think you can go there also by bus.
There you can find the villa and the marvellous garden. It's a huge green park, up and down some hills (it's very fresh also in the summer), with narrow paths and wide green fields where you can lie and sunbath or maybe have a picnic.
There's also a big statue, named "Appennino". The statue was build by Giambologna an italian sculptor. It's very impressive. It has the shape of an old man, that looks at a waterpool full of flowers.

During the summer 2007 the entrance to this park is free and you can enjoy walking in the big park or just relaxing under a centenary tree, for how long as you wish. In some days there are also some free exhibitions, shows and happenings and also games for kids. Here you can find some information (I'm sorry it's in italian)

Around Pratolino there are many trattorie and pizzerie where you can eat "tortelli alla mugellana" and other tuscan food.

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