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Events in Mugello

On this weekend there will be several events in Mugello: many "sagre del tortello".
Tortelli are a type of stuffed pasta, filled with pumpkin, meat, cheese or other things, then topped with butter or sausage sauce. Tortelli are often stuffed with ricotta and spinach, too.
In the Tuscany region of Mugello there are special versions filled with potatoes: their names is "tortelli di patate". Tortelli are similar to what are known in other places as "ravioli", but the flavour is quite different.
This stuffed pasta with a potato based filling, are the high point of many sagre and country fairs.
In the first weekend of september you will find many cities organizing fairs and sagre, where to eat tortelli and other tuscan dishes.
This weekend you can taste tortelli (and other tuscan recipes) at:

Borgo San Lorenzo

If you are coming in other periods, in the Mugello area, at Sagginale (a very small town) there's a nice trattoria named "Da Giorgione" (it's also an alimentari).

Giorgione (big george) is a fat and funny man who welcomes every person entering his restaurant. They are famous even in Florence for the tortelli. But it's very good also the meat, the vegetables, the garlic shoots..
You can taste tortelli with ricotta (soft and sweet cheese), tortelli stuffed with potato pureè, flavored with garlic and herbs, topped with ragout (meat sauce) or duck sauce or porcini mushroom.. or just butter.

Trattoria “Da Giorgione”, Via Belvedere - Loc. Sagginale - Borgo San Lorenzo (FI)
Tel : +39-055-849-0130 (Closed Thursdays and holidays).
Read the italian review of Giorgione
Watch the pictures on Flickr.
Besides the sagre of tortello, this weekend in the Mugello area, at Scarperia, you can see also the 34th edition of the Trade Exhibition of Knives.

Scarperia has always been involved in the production of knives. In recent times, there has been a renewal of the development of this activity which has allowed Scarperia to maintain its position as the national centre for knife production. At the exhibition, knives can be ordered and bought. Scarperia, a village of 6,000 inhabitants, lies 30 km north of Florence, in the Mugello valley (the area where Moto Gp is held every year). The village was founded in 1306 by the Florentine Republic, which decided to create an military outpost to guarantee the viability from Florence towards the north. Little more than a century after its foundation, Scarperia became the seat of the vicariate, or governor, in 1415, and, under the delegation of the Florentine Republic, held administrative functions covering a vast territory.

Palzzo dei Vicari - Scarperia Opening hours: from Wednesday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m./3.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.
Pro Loco of Scarperia tel.: +39 055-8468165

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