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Autumn in Florence - food festival in 4 star hotel in Florence

From Thursday 20 September to Saturday 13 October at Grand Hotel Minerva, Florence there will be this special food event.  Fried, grilled or sautéed porcini mushrooms; Caesar’s mushroom salad; verdino and dottato figs; Italia, strawberry and globe grapes. These are just some of the products accompanying the classic Florentine steak, duck, wild boar or pappardelle. A festival for rediscovering traditional flavours and recipes, and experimenting with the sometimes bold combinations of chef Sandro Pedica. Traditional dishes: salame (sausage) and figs, pappardelle with porcini mushrooms, Mugellan potato ravioli with wild boar ragout, charcoal-grilled Florentine T-bone steak with grilled porcini mushrooms. Creative interpretations: porcini mushroom cheese cake, verdino fig muffins with Tuscan ham, porcini mushroom cappuccino with poppy seed puff pastry for dipping. All of this "seasoned" with a view of Alberti’s facade for the Church of Santa Maria Novella and the whole square. 
In addition to a generous menu of 27 dishes to choose from, Autumn on the Table offers: 
Promo-Dinner: 2 courses to choose from for € 29.50, including mineral water and coffee, excluding wine. 
Promo-Dinner: 3 courses to choose from for € 39.50, including mineral water and coffee, excluding wine.

All hotel customers who book a table with their receptionist are granted a 10% discount. Please note that those who book their stay at the hotel through its official website (www.grandhotelminerva.com) are entitled to a bonus equivalent to 10% of the value of the reserved room, which can be used for dining facilities, including a dinner at our Food Festival. 
For example, if your room costs 100.00 Euro per night, 10 Euro per day can be used at the hotel bar and restaurant. 

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