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Flower exhibition in Florence

I've finally found some time to publish those beautiful pictures of the 2012 Flowers exposition here in florence at the Giardino dell'Orticultura.
I've been there in two different days: the 25th of April along with a great number of people, and the following Sunday with the rain and obviously less people.
I really can't decide which one of my two visits to the exibition I've enjoyed the most. But I can tell you that those colors and perfumes were really marvellous.
Alongside with the flowers there wera also those beautiful pictures made by a little factory in Pistoia.
On the 25th there were also an italian VIP. I have to apologize with my reader, who would have liked me to interview him for the blog, but really I did not want to do it! I spend all my free time blogging and working so for a day I just wanted to relax and walk. I hope that he's not too mad at me for the refusal of his invitation. But I also noticed that he was surrounded by journalist and televisions, so I preferred to focus my attention to this..

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