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Luxury italian stone jewels

I just received an email from a italian reader who lives in France: she has created some luxury "mosaic jewels" with tuscan travertine stone. Here is what she wrote to me:

The idea of creating stone-made jewels came to my mind some years ago. When I run into the small mosaic tesseras of Tuscany travertine marble, I had the chance of setting stones off and driving them into an intimate and private world.
Besides being a clear esthetical choice, this series of stones and silver-made jewels represents for me also an ethical choice: recovering discarded materials from mosaics. Such a choice deeply roots in the Tuscany land and in its history. Precious objects are created from materials commonly used in the building industry. The simple design of my jewels merges contemporaneity and traditions and enhances the intrinsic beauty of the stones. It accords shapes and shades of color, thus putting forth a new concept of discreet and un-standardized luxury.

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