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Up on Palazzo Vecchio walls

Visit to "Quartieri Monumentali" with the access to the "Camminamento di Ronda": tour of the ancient patrol walkways with access to the small balcony.
Scheduled every day at 11,30 a.m. - 3,30 p.m.
During the visit to the Quartieri Monumentali, visitors can track down the Medieval past of the Palazzo dei Priori in the present-day rooms. You can reconstruct functions and features of the public and private rooms, by visiting the apartment housing the Priors elected every two months, the chapel where they where used to pray before having a session, their audience hall where they administered justice. The final part is visiting the balcony used by sentries to watch over the environs of the Palace. You can have a special look over Florence from this point of view.
Information and bookings Call centre ph. +39 055 2768224, fax +39 055 2768558
every day from 9.30 am to 5 pm.
Open all summer.

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