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Weather is crazy in Florence

Last Saturday I was lying on my garden's grass trying to get some brown tan on my skin, since it was very warm (25 degrees). The day after, was raining and very cold! (13°).
It's crazy. One day you could go out with your flip-flop, next day you have to take your umbrella and a wool sweater.
I hope weather will be better, I would like to go and visit the Artcraft fair at Fortezza da Basso. Some friends of mine, owners of a lovely Bed and breakfast in Florence, went there. you can some pictures here.


griffen said...

The weather has been very much the same here in Los Angeles, Ca. Wish I was there in Firenze!

Nelli said...

Hi griffen :)
after all that rain, finally we got the sun!

today is a lovely day: the sky is blue and you can go outside without jacket and sockets. I hope it will last until the weekend, I have a trekking tour near Florence!

say "ciao" to Los angeles :)

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