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I love shopping at THE MALL!

outlet the mallLast sunday I went with a friend of mine to THE MALL, the big outlet in Valdarno area, not far Florence (it takes about 30 minutes by car to get there, it's very close to the highway A1 exit "Incisa").I wasn't looking for something special... just to go and see what they have.
When my friend Enrica decided to enter to Ferragamo I was not sure to go inside... I know things are very expensive there! But when I saw the last pair of a lovely brown boots for just 99 euros I couldn't believe to my eyes. I tried them on. Perfect.
Igucci store at the malln origin they cost 383 euros!
Besides the boots I bought also a pair of marvellous red Ferragamo shoes for only 55 euros (unbelievable!).
After that we decided to enter also in Gucci Store. It was very crowdy! Full of japanese! The prices were higher, but I fell in love with a pair of high heel black shoes, and I had to buy them!
Thery were 50% off: instead of 350 euros, I payed just 150 euros.
I really enjoyed my afternoon at the Mall, maybe my Visa didn't :)
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lily said...

mmm...mi hai fatto venire voglia di andarci.... ^_^

bed and breakfast in Florence said...

I love that place too

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