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Almuerzo mexican food in Florence

We know Mexican food because of the Tex Mex cuisine that we are used to have but Mexico is so big that it has not only one gastronomic tradition but many. March 1st at 1pm the club restaurant “Il Barone” in via Romana 123/red proposes a tasting of the Mexican tradition prepared with original ingredients and original methods.

The buffet menu is as follow:
Quesadillas de flor de calabaza
tortillas stuffed with zucchini flowers
Quesadillas de papa y chorizo
tortillas stuffed with potatoes and chilly sausages
Quesadillas de rajas with cream
tortillas stuffed with chili and cream
Pozole rojo
Corn traditional soup with meat and chili
Dessert with sugar cane syrup and dry fruit

There will be an introduction before the tasting, please be punctual. The lunch is € 15,00 euro and they will serve to open a social gastronomic network called KeBuono.

For info and reservation: flavitie@gmail.com - cell. 348.0704616

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La Traductora said...

Oh, my goodness! That sounds just like my mother's cocina. Yes, Mexican food is more than tacos and enchiladas, but the one food that inspires me and sends me into flights of fancy! Florence and Mexian food--ay!ay!ay!
Perhaps you should check out my blog . . .

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