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Fattori and Naturalism in Tuscany, at Villa Bardini, Florence

firenze per fattoriFlorence, Italy: on the 19th of March has inaugurated the Fattori exhibition at Villa Bardini.
Vast landscapes and untouched nature, working in the fields and placid oxen, woods and hills, many horses, soldiers and common people, country girls, urban life. Late 19th century Tuscany extraordinarily glows with light and colours in the very special exhibition that inaugurates the year of Florence for Fattori at Villa Bardini, where the most famous of the Macchiaioli painters is compared with the most illustrious artists who inherited the innovative legacy of the Macchia and interpreted its themes and aspirations in a naturalistic – middle class way, in tune with the evolution of French and European culture.

With the 35, mainly large-sized works, some of which have never been seen in public, the exhibition in perfect harmony with the Villa Bardini garden, highlights affinities, suggests influences, shows differences, even big ones, and thus restores the true relationship between the master, the leader of the movement who never aspired to be so, and his brave art companions, that is between the protagonists of a beautiful and fleeting painting season where the Risorgimento idealism was to grieve for the disillusions of the post unity period and the idea of an imminent progress that was soon tinged with longing.

To help visitors enjoy this florentine exhibition better, it is divided into 5 sections (Painting in the Fields, ‘Courtly’ Naturalism, the Maremma, Urban Views and A Great Painter of Nature limited to Fattori’s paintings), according to the most common themes found in these artists’ works.
They portray the Tuscany of small but important things, a humble everyday life, beautiful virgin lands, anonymous labour, busy streets and squares, rustic idylls, the “wild Maremma west”. Moments of life caught in their immediacy and often magnified to eternal glory with a striking visionary power and incredible technical skills.

From the 19th of March to the 22nd of June
Firenze, Villa Bardini Costa San Giorgio 2 (near Forte Belvedere)
Opening hours from 9 am to 7 pm
Closed on the first and last monday of the month
Tickets: € 6,00
Info and booking: Tel. +39 055 243140 prenotazioni@cscsigma.it

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