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Exhibition of the flagwavers in Piazza della Signoria

On sunday there will be a special exhibition in Piazza Signoria for the 35th anniversary of the origin of the "Bandierai degli Uffizi" (1973 – 2008) the official flagwavers of Florence. From 11.30 am an historical parade will start from Palagio di Parte Guelfa, than through Via Porta Rossa, Piazza del Mercato Nuovo, Via Vacchereccia until Piazza della Signoria. There they will perform their show for 40 minutes.
The "Bandierai degli Uffizi" are integrally connected to the history of Florence. The group carries the flags which represented the pricipal Magistracies and legal offices of the powerful 16th century Florentine Republic. Within this great tradition they perform not a show of personal fantasy or improvisation , but a performance which is the result of years of precise training, done with respect of traditional configurations. Every flag had initially the symbol of 1 of the 16 principal Magistracies that existed in the 16th century Florentine Republic.

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