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Florence Electronic Movement

FEM Florence Electronic Movement Friday 23d Novembre 2007

MIRO_dj set TEO NADDI_dj set FABIO DELLA TORRE_dj (Minimono / Telegraph rec.)

special guest : ALEXX a.k.a. ALEX PETIT_dj set (Logistic / Telegraph rec.)
Born in Paris in 1977, Alexandre is one of the Logistic and Telegraph founder. Good producer and talent scout. Alex plays house-techno freak from more then 12 years. From 1996 Logistic has hosted famous artists as: John Thomas, Robert Hood, Daniel Bell, Cabanne, Mattew DearŠ The sub-label Telegraph born thanks to the Cabanne'sinfluence.
Logistic Records is an electronic music label based in France. In ten years, Logistic has developed many projects and collaborations to constitute an over seventy references discography. Natural evolution after 5 years devoted to raves and partys organization, the creation of the label in 1995 in Montpellier by Alexandre Petit and Éric Dalbin was the answer to their hunger for techno music which reflects their principal influences: hip-hop, jazz and funk. Since, the groove is at the center of every Logistic release. Supporting quality over quantity, the artistic direction of the label rests on solid bonds with its artists. Then the meeting with John Thomas, a young French musician and African rhythms, was the beginning of a collaboration that lasts since the birth of the label and generated twenty-three record releases. Americans Robert Hood and Daniel Bell are other good representatives of the label.

Next guest: STILL VOR TALENT showcase feat

FEM @ CENTRAL PARK is in via Fosso Macinante 1, Firenze (parco delle Cascine)
MIRO_dj set, TEO NADDI_dj set, FABIO DELLA TORRE_dj (Minimono / Telegraph rec.)
special guest
ALEXX a.k.a. ALEX PETIT_dj set (Logistic / Telegraph rec.)
15,00 € drink included > normal price
12,00 € drink included > lists
Free entrance before Midnight

info: 393 9012540 lists: 339 7230615 tabels : 393 9557905

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Sundarraj Jayaraj said...

i stayed in Alpine Peaks restaurant with my parents , i feel l am living something in my life while am this restaurant.i surely ask my father to go back there in the next holiday

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