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Halloween in Florence

Tomorrow is the night of 31st of October: sort of magic and special for Anglo-Saxon tradition: it’s Halloween! Children dress up and go knokcing to the doors of neighbourhoods and ask for ”trick or treat?” Houses ready to receive them are decorated with emptied and lighted pumpkins. Nowadays this Anglo-Saxon celebration is getting popular also in Italy and some towns like Florence are ready to animate the night before All Saints. Not only for the many foreigners who live in Tuscany, and specially in Florence, but also for Italian youngsters who are looking for any excuse to have fun and enjoy the florentine nightlife.

Halloween, Florence 2007

Originated in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, the Celts celebrated the Druidic fire festival called 'Samhain'. 'Samhain' celebrated the feast of the dead in Pagan and Christian times or the close of harvest . Today it has become a commercialized holiday with costumes, candy, harvest and ghoul-like decorations. This is especially true in the United States and some parts of Europe.

Today in Italy Halloween or All Saints Day is becoming more and more popular, especially in the cities. So get your costumes ready because you will find plenty to do on Old Hallow's Eve in and around Florence.

Halloween is on a Wednesday this year and on the Fall break of most study abroad programs. Think of it as the ultimate spring break but with costumes! Many private bars and discos host special events on Halloween night. During the day there are festivals and cultural events taken place around Florence.

The following proposals for a great Halloween’s night come from Florentine pubs, bars and discos :

Auditorium Flog W live: HALLOWEEN HORROR PARTY
HALLOWEEN NIGHT: “PROFONDO ROSSO PARTY' with DAEMONIA in concert. DARIO ARGENTO TRIBUTE: a night with the soundtracks of the most terrific movies by Dario Argento (PROFONDO ROSSO,SUSPIRIA, INFERNO, TENEBRE) and other horror cult movies, (HALLOWEEN by JOHN CARPENTER, TUBULAR BELLS by M.OLDFIELD, the Exorcist) SPECIAL VIDEO SELECTION ENERGY ZONE D.J.’s Open 9.30 p.m admittance ticket € 8.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Convivium: Halloween night
Features special drinks and food buffet. Viale Europa 4-6 Firenze.

Halloween party at Rifrullo's: special dinner with pumpkins, special events. For more info: www.ilrifrullo.com info@ilrifrullo.com

Halloween at Boston T
A night for dancing and drinking at Viale Europa.

Halloween Party at Fortezza da Basso 'Cosmo Night - Halloween Party with special guest from Germany dj FELIX KROCHER

Halloween for kids in Via San Gallo 25r, 50127 Firenze, tel 055 2658324: events, plays, games, free gitfs and cakes for children at the bookstore. From 4.30 pm.

Halloween Jazz Party with FLORENCE FUNKY COMPANY in concert from 9 pm. After dj set ’70-'80 until late at JAZZ CLUB (Via Nuova de’ Caccini n° 3)

Halloween night will be also at the Otel: a mysterious night immersed in the sound of the music. 9, Via Generale Dalla Chiesa Firenze.

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL DINNER at Red Passion, ristoshow. On stage: “Brit-Rock Wave” with “LULLABY Quartet” in concert from 9 pm RED PASSION (via de' Serragli 48r, 338.2799075 - 0552381016).

Borgo a Mozzano. Just a bus ride away, you can find yourself lost in a haunted road or treat yourself to some Halloween goodies. Try the "path of terror"! Watch the video>>

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